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when you’re “rolling your own” session management by using header(”Set-Cookie:… and you’re mixing temporary cookies with ones that have an expires= attribute, you may notice erratic behavior unless you set the temporary parameters first.
for example,
header(”Set-Cookie: permanent=important; expires=Sun, 17-Jan-2037 23:59:59 GMT”);
header(”Set-Cookie: temporary=trivial”);
may not work as expected, whereas if you switch the two around, you’re good to […]

here’s an interesting javascript ‘gotcha’… this block of code:
var y = 37;
var x = parseInt(y,10);
var s = “37″;
alert(x === s);
gives you a “false” alert box, whereas this:
var y = 37;
var x = “” + parseInt(y,10);
var s = “37″;
alert(x === s);
yields “true.”
apparently, ‘x’ is not able to be compared to other strings until it is concatenated […]

a proposal of an idea; perhaps, a prediction
august 16, 2007
the notion in science fiction of an implant with an auditory nerve component for the purpose of assisting human communication is not new. its typical suggested use is to aid in transparent language translation. the implant, located snugly near or inside the ear canal, ‘listens’ to […]

no website downtime during dns update

i recently had cause to change the ip address associated with a certain domain name and wanted to find a way to experience zero downtime while the dns update went global…
let’s say you had a website ‘mydomain.com’ pointing at in your dns records, and had set up a virtual host in apache accordingly. […]

i am a major geek

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