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if you’re using a 3rd party player to share content on your site that’s driven by an rss feed, like the ’show’ player, you should be aware that flash player may cache the rss feed itself for quite some time. so, despite updating your channel with a new video, flash may be ’stuck’ on only older entries contained in the rss feed it already downloaded, making your homepage not-so-fresh.

here’s a workaround: add a variable to the part of the url in the player code containing the location of the rss feed that will change, say, every minute or ever second; a timestamp.

so, for example if you have the show player on your homepage displaying any videos on containing the search term ‘otters’…


you would add a timestamp:

%3Dotters%26ts%3D<?php print(date(”YmdHi”)); ?>

the above would ensure the show player is up-to-the-minute.